Critique: I love this game so much, but I have a couple suggestions. First, I had so many generations, that when I wanted to start a new one it deleted my first generation, which is the most important part! Second, honestly I don"t understand the names at all. I would really like if you could choose the name for the baby when it"s born and also make it look like the parents. Also please make another update soon because there hasn"t been an update in a while. I have been playing this game for like 3 years and there hasn"t been 1 update like come on now you"ve got to be kidding me. Also another thing is, not everyone gets married on dating websites like why can"t they actually go out and meet other people? Maybe you could unlock another family when you hit a certain generation and keep expanding the neighborhood so they can actually meet people. It would also bc great if there could be a school and they could actually go to work. Please consider some of my suggestions because I know a lot of other people writing these reviews think the same. And also I"m getting mad because there are no updates at all and there are tons of suggestions so please please please actually look at some of them and try to improve the game. Thanks other wise though. Great game overall / creator: LDW Software, LLC / Rating: 4,1 of 5 / 7257 votes / published date: 2012-12-06 / Game info: *Now Downloaded 11 Million Times!! Well played, people!* / genre: Entertainment.

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